Noel Raulerson Jr. & children

Noel Raulerson Jr. at 101 years old.  

Callie Raulerson with her family, daughter of Noel Jr. 

JohnWesley Raulerson, son of Noel Jr. 

Ida Elizabeth, daughter of Noel Jr.

Mittie, Walter, & Callie, children of Noel Jr. 

Noel Raulerson Jr. (b.1848)

Noel Rabon Raulerson, Jr was born September 3, 1848 in Hillsborough County, Florida. He was the son of Noel Rabun and Tempie Whidden Raulerson. He was born near where Plant City is today. He moved to the area that would become Polk County when a small child. He married Amanda Elizabeth King a native of Washington County, Georgia, she being born there June 24, 1853. She moved with her family to Polk County in 1864. Noel and Amanda were married March 8, 1869 in Bartow, Florida. In 1876 Noel Raulerson bought a log cabin from Streaty Parker at Bassinger near the Kissimmee River in then Brevard County. He bought land from the state for $1.25 an acre at the time. The family moved there at that time and it remained there home. 

His father had already moved his cattle and was living in Bassinger. Noel and his brother William H Raulerson bought their father's entire herd of cattle ranging in Brevard County on October 29, 1879 for twenty thousand dollars.

Noel and his family grew most of their food supplies on their farm. They grew sweet potatoes, corn and made their own meal in a hand mill, grew and husked rice, grew sugar cane and made syrup. At one time he had 8000 cows ranging on the Kissimmee River shores and many hogs.

Amanda King Raulerson died at her home in Bassinger July 23, 1939 and was buried in the Bassinger Cemetery. After his wife's death he made his home with his daughter and son-in-law Katherine and John Chandler in Okeechobee. Noel Raulerson died August 30, 1952. He was buried as requested in a coffin made by his son, with grave side services at the Bassinger cemetery. He was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church.
Amanda King, daughter of William and Catherine (Hansel) King. They were from Georgia and parents of 11 children. They are buried at Glover Cemetary near Bartow, Florida.
Their children:
  1. Noel Rabun III 1871
  2. William Edgar 1872
  3. Charles Benjamin 1874
  4. Ida Elizabeth 1875
  5. Ellen J  1876
  6. John Wesley 1878
  7. Walter Charles 1879
  8. Mittie L  1882
  9. Callie M 1884
  10. Hattie 1885
  11. Minnie Bell
  12. Katherine 1890
  13. Della Ruth 1892
  14. Keatley Bert 1894
  15. Harley 1896
  16. Maurice Veslie 1898

Noel Rabun Raulerson Sr. (b.1820)

Noel Rabun Raulerson was born in Wayne County, Georgia July 9, 1820. He was the son of Noel Raulerson and Eleanor Baggs West Brannon Raulerson. He moved with his family to Florida about 1829. Eleanor Raulerson is shown in the 1830 census of Alachua County living on the Suwannee River and Little St. Mary's River. Living near her was her husband's brother William Raulerson.

Rabun served as a private in Captain R. Brown's company in the Regiment of Colonel William J. Mills of the 2nd Regiment of East Florida Mounted volunteers. He enlisted June 16, 1837 and was mustered in September 25, 1837 at Fort White. He was mustered out on December 18, 1837 at Fort Gilliland. He served as private in the company commanded by Captain Robert Sanderling in Colonel Robert Brown's Regiment, volunteering on April 6, 1838 and was mustered in on July 22, 1838. In the Indian War while patrolling the area around the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia in 1838, Rabon was shot in the shoulder by a hidden Indian.

Rabun Raulerson married Tempa Whidden in February 1839 on the Suwannee River in Hamilton County. Tempa Whidden was the daughter of James W, Jr and Mary Altman Whiddon. She was born December 19, 182 in Appling (now Ware) County, Georgia.

Rabun was a Private in William Cone's company in Colonel William J. Bailey's regiment. He served from November of 1840 until March of 1841 and was discharged at Fort Macomb.  Noel Rabun and Tempy Raulerson were baptized at The Prospect Primitive Baptist Church in Hamilton County, Florida on June 26, 1841. Rabun and his family moved to Hillsborough County in 1844. They requested a letter of dismission from Prospect Primitive Baptist Church in Hamilton County and the letter was granted November 22, 1845.

Rabun served as a Private in Captain S. L. Sparkman's Independent Company of Florida Volunteers. He joined on July 25, 1849 at Fort Gibson and was mustered out October 23, 1849. He served in Captain F. M. Durrance's company from December 29, 1855 to December 1857. In June of1852 Rabon Raulerson applied for bounty land based on his service and received 160 acres in Hillsborough county.

The Raulerson family along with other relatives were living in the Itchepuksassa Settlement in 1850. He later moved to the southeast edge of Lake Hancock and is shown living there when the Ives military map of Florida was made in 1856. This area was made into Polk County in 1861. Rabon Raulerson is shown as serving in Captain John T. Lesley's Company B, 1st Battalion of Florida Special Cavalry, Confederate Army.He is listed as owning 2,515 cattle in Bartow in 1862. 

The Migration South

  One of John Rollison’s (Rawlinson) sons was Noel Raulerson 1st, who was born in South Carolina during 1782.  At 10 years old he and his family migrated to the lands of Georgia.  In Camden Co. Ga, he met and married Eleanor Baggs (Born May 6, 1785). His life led him to live in what is now Polk County, FLorida. Record show in 1866 Eleanor died at Plant City, Fl.   One of their children was Noel Rabun Raulerson Sr., who was born July 9 1820 (or 1918), in Wayne County, Ga. and died on Jun 16th 1910, in Polk County, Fl.  During 1839 in Hamilton Co, Fl, he married Tempa Whitton Whidden of Georgia (b. Dec19th 1821).  She died on Mar 22nd 1904 in Polk Co, Fl.  
Their Children are as follows:
  1. William Henry 1841
  2. John B. 1843
  3. David Early 1846
  4. Mary 1847 (Hillsborough Co.)
  5. Noel Rabun Jr. 1848
  6. j. Archibald 1851
  7. Emarantha 1852
  8. Ellen Jane 1853
  9. Eliza Jane 
  10. Peter 1857 (Bartow, Polk Co)
  11. Sarah 1861 (Hillsborough Co)
  12. Caroline 1863
  13. Hardy 5-1865 (Polk Co)
Noel (b.1782) served in the Ga. Militia from 1813-1815, including at Ft Wayne against Indian attacks.  
Noel Rabun Raulerson Sr. (b.1820) was only about 10 years old when his father Noel (b.1782) passed away.  His mother Eleanor moved with him back to North Florida near William Raulerson.  She died in 1866 when Noel was about 46 years old.  
Noel Rabun Raulerson Sr
July 9, 1818 - June 16, 1910

Emarantha Raulerson Hazelief
(1851 - April 8, 1943)

Noel Rabun Raulerson Jr 
 Amanda Elizabeth King Raulerson.

Emarantha Raulerson Hazellief, Amanda King Raulerson 
(June 25, 1854 - July 23, 1939)
and her husband Noel Rabon Raulerson Jr (Sept. 3, 1848 - Aug. 30, 1952).

In the Beginning

During the colonial era on 12 October 1727, Benjamin Rawlinson Sr. was born in Kent County Maryland.  He’s the earliest known Raulerson descendant.  His son, John Rollison (Rawlinson) was born in Richland County, South Carolina some time before 1751.  John was granted 100 acres of land in March of 1771 from the King himself.  The land was between two rivers at what is now Richland County, South Carolina.  
When revolutionary war broke out, Benjamin and his sons sided with the American Colonists.  John enlisting as a revolutionary war soldier in the South Carolina Militia, Richland District.  He served under Colonel Benton as a private.  One brother gave the ultimate sacrifice.  When his brother Jacob was commissioned by the Ga. Governor, his name was spelled Raulerson, so all the brother conformed to the new spelling.  
After the war John moved to Effingham Co. Ga., and during the late 1780’s and was granted 200 acres of land under the war land grant acts.  Then subsequently receiving two more land grants totaling 300 acres.  After selling the land, he moved and spent the remainder of his life in Glenn Co. Ga. until his death on Apr 4th 1816.    

Benjamin Rawlinson served in the Richland District during the American Revolution, along with brothers William, John, Richard, & George.  Benjamin was a foot soldier under Lt. Pearson in 1781.  He was also a wagoner and repaired war wagons.  Under Cpt Rives, he was an alarm man.  As a civilian, he was listed as a farmer and blacksmith.  

Richland County South Carolina is located in the center of the state, and contains the state capitol, Columbus.  A 1790 Census reported 3,930 citizens.  

Captain Cone stated he knew John Raulerson’s wife as fair white skinned.  It was already known there was indian blood in the Raulerson family and they served as spies during the indian wars.